Parks & Trails Maintenance Services

ParkThe colorful gardens, convenient trails, streetscapes and parks of unique characteristics are properly maintained throughout the year so that citizens can enjoy an array of opportunities outdoors. The amenities in every park such as the landscaping, athletic fields, turf, playground equipment, and picnic shelters are maintained so that each of your visits will be enjoyable.  

Conserving water while still maintaining the beautiful landscaping along our trails and in our parks is important to the best management practices. Through extensive irrigation practices, we monitor water consumption at each of our parks and streetscapes to ensure that we preserve this precious resource. 

For further information, please contact Laird Thornton, Parks Manager, at 303-708-6155.

Open Space & Urban Forest

Our open space and urban forests are included within the Village parks to provide opportunities for people to enjoy nature, engage in recreational activities, games and sports, and pursue environmental education. In addition to these benefits, urban forests also positively affect air and water quality. For further information please contact Kurt Nielsen, Urban Forestry Supervisor, 303-708-6156.