Cultural Arts

The Cultural Arts program creates an environment where artists and cultural organizations thrive by advancing and supporting the arts for the benefit of the citizens of Greenwood Village. Art and culture are integral to the livability of our community. Diverse cultural offerings play an essential part in the high quality of life in Greenwood Village and in maintaining a strong sense of civic pride. The Village’s contribution to the arts through its programs as well as ongoing collaborations with many local arts groups and individual artists makes Greenwood Village stand apart from other Colorado communities. In addition to initiating and supporting a variety of arts and culture programs, the Cultural Arts program manages the Curtis Center for the Arts bringing rotating exhibits and art classes for youth and adults, brings concerts and special events to the parks and other city venues and presents public art throughout the city. 


The Village Read                                 

The Village Read Coming This Summer      

This summer the Greenwood Village Cultural Arts Program has partnered with the Arapahoe Libraries to present the first ever "Village Read". The program is modeled after after Chicago’s successful “One Book, One Chicago” project. The idea encourages adults of all ages to read one book and participate in thought-provoking discussions and activities derived from the chosen book. Credit for the original idea is given to Nancy Pearl, a Seattle librarian. “It’s based on the idea of community. My idea was that people would come together who would never come together any other way. Literature brings them together because a book touches them,” she said. Goals of the program include:

  • To encourage leisure reading.
  • To encourage community collaboration throughout the region
  • To provide a variety of means of participation through book discussions and other activities.
  • To provide resources for book discussion groups.
The group has chosen the book "Lake of Fire" by Colorado author Mark Stevens as this year's "Village Read" book. Set in Colorado, the story follows hunting guide, Allison Coil as she tries to find out what happened to a body found after a wildfire ravages the Colorado Flat Tops. Many activities will be planned in August around the themes from the book. Keep your eye out this summer for more information and a complete listing of activities. Starting in June, books will available for purchase at the Friends of Arapahoe Libraries Bookstore at the Koelbel Library and the Curtis Center for the Arts. Arapahoe Libraries will also have extra copies available for check out. Click here for a complete list of activities planned for August. 


Scientific & Cultural Facilities District

Through the Arapahoe County Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center is enriched by grants that enable the center to create new programs or enhance existing programs.