Curtis Center for the Arts

The Curtis Center for the Arts is home to many unique and exciting art exhibits, lectures, cultural events, concerts, activities for seniors, and youth, and adult art programs. Curtis serves as the focal point in Greenwood Village’s commitment to the arts. Seven exhibits are offered at Curtis during the year including Youth Art Month, the Greenwood and Beyond Photography Show, and the All Colorado Art Show. Learn more about the History of Curtis.

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Art Exhibits, Lectures & Special Events


Open Space - Finite Frontier

When: January 6 - February 28
Reception: Saturday, January 13 6:00pm- 8:00pm
Curator's Talk: Saturday, January 27 1-3pm
Where: Curtis Center for the Arts

The American West, once the uncharted, undiscovered territory is not without its limitations. This picturesque open landscape is now shared with man’s footprint of over development, industrial pollution and destructive mining practices.  On the contrary, the ever-growing city brings us modern day conveniences, cutting-edge technology, infrastructure and anthropological opportunities. This exhibition explores the wild frontier juxtaposed with the urban habitat, and how we as humans both resist and rely on these finite environments. This exhibit is curated by Robin Whatley, Program Coordinator at the
Art Students League of Denver. 

Youth Art Month

When: March 5 - March 31
Receptions: March 14th and 21st 5 - 7 p.m.
Where: Curtis Center for the Arts

Created in 1961 Youth Art Month is a celebration of visual art that links over 800,000 K-12 students and over 200 arts educators all across America. Student exhibitions, public artworks, art festivals and school events raise awareness and support of the visual arts. Youth Art Month exists to recognize arts education as a viable factor in the total education curriculum that develops citizens of a global society and to provide additional opportunities for individuals to participate in the arts. This exhibit celebrates the creativity of the youth in our community.

35th Annual All Colorado Art Show

When: July 7 - August 25
Reception: Saturday, July 14th 6-8pm
Juror's Talk: TBD
Where: Curtis Center for the Arts

The Curtis Center for the Arts is proud to present the 35th Annual All Colorado Art Show. This exhibit features Colorado artists in all styles and mediums. The exhibit is open to any artists residing in Colorado. A call for artists will be posted in April on Call for Entry. All Colorado based artists are encouraged to apply. More information will be posted soon. 

Our Planet

When: April 7 - May 5
Earth Day Celebration: Saturday, April 21th 10am-2pm
Where: Curtis Center for the Arts

This exhibition was created to artistically explore issues regarding the sustainability of our planet’s environment. It seems that nearly every day we hear about or witness something that is changing our planet’s climate and environment, and as artists our surroundings are a vital element in the creation of our work.   In this show artists explore what’s happening and what might be done to address the sustainability of our planet.  Each work has an artist statement that connects it to the theme of the exhibition.  A small group of artists led by Bob Doyle, artist and Greenwood Village resident, curated this show with the objective of connecting art to the environmental wonders, changes and threats we are now experiencing.   We encourage all to join with us in creating powerful displays and messages that sensitize and motivate others to join in the preservation of our earthly home. Click here for a sneak preview of some of the works from the show. 

Chasing 360Exploring the Creative Process of Five Colorado Abstract Artists

When: Sept 1- Oct 27
Artist Reception: Saturday, September 8 6-8pm
Where: Curtis Center for the Arts

The inspiration for this exhibition evolved out of the artists meeting to connect about their work and process. Artist Jessica Magee coined the phrase “Chasing 360” as a metaphor for the feeling an artist has as they work- in a sense, as if they are chasing their tail or running in circles. While some artworks seem to come together effortlessly, often there are a multitude of variations and experimentations before a painting finally comes full circle and feels “finished.” The artists included in “Chasing 360” allow themselves to surrender to this process, making the resolution in their work unpredictable and intriguing. Artists included in this exhibit: Kristen Abbott, Deidre Adams, Molly Berger, Jessica Magee, and Julia Rymer. For more information and images click here


Scientific & Cultural Facilities District

Through the Arapahoe County Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center is enriched by grants that enable the center to create new programs or enhance existing programs.

Americans with Disabilities Act:

If you require special accommodations for participation in our recreation programs, please call 303-486-5773. If you require special accommodations for participation in our art programs, or to access Curtis Center for the Arts, please call 303-797-1779.